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Contagious Is A Myth

Vaccines are ineffective for the very simple reason that they do nothing to remove the root causes of infection. The above diagrams make this point clear

In reality, childhood infections such as measles, whooping cough, chicken pox etc, are not caused by germs, but by the toxic conditions of the body, a condition known as Toxaemia. Famous American physician, Dr Henry Bieler, author of ‘Food is Your Best Medicine’ writes, “The primary cause of disease is not germs. Disease is caused by a toxaemia which results in cellular impairment and breakdown, thus paving the way for the multiplication and onslaught of germs”.

The causes of toxaemia are numerous. In third world countries the causes are related primarily to malnourishment, impure water, poor sanitation, poverty and overcrowding. In the developed countries like USA, Australia, England etc the causes are more related to over consumption of animal, dairy and refined processed foods, particularly cereals and grains, chemical additives in food and water, drugs, vaccines, pesticide residues and industrial poisons. Other causes can include poor parental health, traumatic childbirth,impoverished or polluted breastmilk, too early introduction of solid foods, spinal misalignment, muscular spasm, and nutritional deficiency.

This, in a nutshell, explains why vaccines are ineffective. Vaccines fail to address the root causes of disease and do nothing to remove the toxic conditions of the body out of which infection arises. Instead, vaccines are aimed at stimulating our immune system to fight off germs when in reality the germs are just feeding on the body’s internal toxaemia which is their true biological role, a role that Biology refers to as mutualistic symbiosis .
“…these organisms (germs) live, multiply and thrive only in tissue encumbered with toxic matter from injudicious eating, poisons from stagnant bowels, acids from unbalanced foods, drink and drug poisons, and various disease products in the form of serums, vaccines and antitoxins……..germs reduce dead and dying organic matter back to its inorganic constituents suitable again as nourishment for plant life.”
George Teasedale – Nature Heals! Why Be Sick
This explains why millions of children in third world countries continue to die each year from measles, polio, tuberculosis etc despite being fully vaccinated. Vaccines do nothing to correct the nutritional status of a malnourished child. In Australia, aboriginal children are the most heavily drugged and heavily vaccinated group in the country yet they have an infection rate 100 times higher than white Australian children.

Vaccines neither remove the causes of disease or alter a child’s susceptibility to infection and it is for this reason that vaccines have proven to be ineffective at preventing childhood infection.

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