Thought Blasting

Health for the Next Generation

How to Influence Yourself and
Others With Your Thoughts!

The Missing Link to Health, Wealth, Longevity and Success!

Do you ever wish you can achieve all that you want? 
Do you ever wish other people would do exactly what you wanted?

Imagine having the power and skills to blast your thoughts into the minds of others to act and think your way without speaking one word and even if you’re thousands of miles away!

Think about it for a moment. What if, just by using your thoughts, you could influence your new romantic interest to see you as irresistible? Imagine changing the thought of a potential employer to land the job of your dreams. If you could persuade people to think the way you wanted, the possibilities would be endless.

That is impossible, right? SURPRISE…

It is possible, and You Can Do It! You can master the ability to secretly blast your thoughts into the mind of others and influence them to think and act your way!

  • If you want someone who has been ignoring you to develop an admiration and respect for you, you can do it.
  • You can Attract an estranged loved one back to you, even if you are thousands of miles away!
  • Or you can excite at will the affection and sexuality of any mate
  • You can use Thought Blasting to influence someone into seeing you more attractive, more beautiful, and more handsome than you could ever dream possible! And you could render that person practically helpless with a thought!
  • You could even Thought Blast and compel your ideal mate to come to you. With your silent Thought Blasting you can influence him/her to forget your weaknesses and to satisfy your every wish and desire
  • If you want to astonish people when you step on a stage, on a lecture platform or enter a public place or hall, you can do that also.

And, you can even influence and persuade the minds of large groups of people thousands of miles away.

You can learn how to be in full control of your successful future now!

I realize this breathtaking discovery is unheard of, but I am asking you to suspend disbelief now and open your mind to the possibilities. If you are ready to know, if you are ready to experience this extraordinary method of mental persuasion, I invite you to prove it for yourself, completely at my risk.

You have been personally selected to receive my new program, which will teach you this sensational technique which I call THOUGHT BLASTING. You can use this technique to do everything from increasing your sales to “calling” for help, using your thoughts alone.

With my new Thought Blasting program, you will learn how to mentally influence anyone to follow your wishes without their knowledge or consent and without speaking a word or giving any indication. This form of mental dominance is so powerful, so compelling, and so effective that I can offer it to only a handful of responsible individuals. I would fear the results of this program if it were unleashed upon the general society. I extend this invitation to you because I know you will use it for worthy causes as you strive for excellence.

This remarkable method is the only true opportunity you have to gain complete control over the thoughts of others, even total strangers. Imagine the edge that would give you in today’s world! You need no special talent or skill to learn this technique. My program will teach you everything you need to know in as little as 30 days.

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