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Health for the Next Generation

Would you like to be “Totally Healthy?”

Seminar Program Outline

The Seven Principles and Personal Agreements for Health Success!

You will learn: The Principles and Personal Agreements that you must put your attention and focus on. These are principles and agreements you need to have with yourself in order for you to achieve the level of Health that you want. Principles that you also need in order for your relationships to work, for your job or career to work, for your life and everything in it to work.

Once  these fundamental success principles and agreements are discovered, learned, adopted and used in your life, they will help you help yourself to a better Healthier way of life.
Attend this workshop, learn and use these principles and agreements, and I promise you Will:

®Improve your health…
®Feel better about yourself…
®Enjoy new health achievement…
®Improve your relationships…
®Feel a great sense of happiness…and much more

And I’m prepared to prove it. No, I am not talking about magic. I am talking about your untapped potential for unlimited success in every area of your life. You already have the potential I’m talking about…Everybody does.  Unfortunately, most people never get to use it. For years, scientists have been telling us that we use less than 3% of our brain capacity.

The point that I want to make is this: Science has established that who you are, what you can do, what you can have and who you can become, is for the most part up to you more so than we have ever suspected in the past. Even in the area of physical health, it has been shown that your beliefs, attitudes and ideas can influence your body’s resistance to viruses and diseases.

Your Body is Amazing, and Your Mind Controls it All!

What you must not be, however, is discouraged… One can’t be, for that would be the equivalent of throwing in the towel… Instead, one must persist in pushing for that in which one positively believes. That’s what you must intend to do, push, ask questions, dare to explore new approaches… demand to know why this, or that, can’t be done. And, seek progress on your success by joining and co-operating with like-minded people. Strangely, and more importantly it is the total use of these principles and agreements that separates people who succeed and have power…from people who don’t.

You Must Attend This Seminar.

HOW TO NEVER BE SICK AGAIN! You’ll learn the important causes of all illnesses and diseases.  You’ll be surprise that you have almost complete control over causes such that you can discontinue, remove and avoid these causes.

You’ll learn that “prevention” is a myth inasmuch as there is no way that the natural laws of cause and effect can be suspended or nullified.  You’ll also learn that sickness and disease are not inevitable and will NOT happen unless caused.  You’ll learn a whole NEW prospective on life that immediately liberates your mind, and starts you on your way to a natural health transformation.

Learn the specific causes of specific diseases and how, when these causes are stopped or avoided, your body automatically restores itself to vibrant, sickness-free health! In addition you’ll receive a FREE graph outline illustration to help you chart your health progress.

The enjoyment of bounding and vigorous illness-free well-being is just as normal and natural for humans as for animals in nature. Health care is totally self-care in nature and is, in reality, for humans too. If you don’t take care of your life, you’re out of control because:

No one else can breath for you, drink for you, select and eat food for you, keep comfortable for you, keep clean for you, sleep for you, exercise for you, get sunshine for you, be lovably and loving for you, nor meet any of your some 20 other essentials of life! This session will introduce you to the needs of life, which you must meet to live happily and healthfully.

THE INCREDIBLE DIET! You’ll be introduced to a “diet that prevents all diseases” simply because it does not cause problems as most foods eaten in America do. Further, this diet is the basis for overcoming all remedial diseases and most are easily overcome. And, by eating this diet, you’ll say good-by forever to heart burn, upset stomach, indigestion, belly aches, headaches in short, all sicknesses and diseases.  And… Learn what we have discovered about the role of diet, nutrition and exercise in cancer prevention remission and or recurrence.

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT RAPIDLY, SAFELY AND PERMANENTLY Would you like to lose 5 + pounds in 48 hours!? How about losing 30 pounds in just 30 days! If you’re overweight (and 71% of Americans over 25 are), you can lose weight rapidly, safely and permanently merely by adopting “the incredible diet .” You’ll learn why we gain weight and how to naturally lose weight. No matter how many calories you eat from the incredible diet, you’ll lose weight. When you begin your eating and life program (the health formula), your weight will normalize around its natural set points.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS You are invited to ask questions, especially where you need clarifications for better understanding. If you think we are wrong, speak up! Ask questions! What we teach, while supported by facts and common sense, is quite contrary to the propaganda and confusion we’ve been saturated with by TV, radio, newspapers, indoctrination institutions called schools and colleges, etc. It is all simply “Fake News”.

Space is limited and this workshop will be sold out. However, before you sign up, first, I must ask you this question: “Are you ready to liberate the most powerful force that exist in you, the fantastic power of your subconscious mind and to use them as much as you like to get what you want out of life? If your answer is YES, prepare yourself for a wonderful surprise!

Not applicable for this seminar >>YOU NEED TO ATTEND THIS SEMINAR. Normal Tickets are $259 per person. For that, $259 not only will I give you the SECRET UNBELIEVABLE WAY TO LOSE UNWANTED POUNDS and a delicious complete healthy lunch. In addition, I will include the secrets to achieve total health. I believe this will be the best $159 you have ever spent. Your life will be totally transformed. This could be the answer you are looking for. Tickets are extremely limited to 50. Once this seminar sells out, I may never do another one like it again.

Seminar Registration:
Reach and Register NOW! Open Your Mind To a Place You Have Never Been Before!
PROGRAM HOURS 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
the fee is just $259.00 all material and a healthy Lunch is included. However, you must pre-register no later than one week before the seminar date. (At the door the price for this seminar is $299.00 and only if space is available).

Early Bird Special Register and pay upon receipt of this notice and save an additional $20 for a total of $239.00.

When three or more from your group attend this seminar, each saves 10%.

DATE & LOCATIONS: To be announced. Register TODAY! This event will sell out. Make your reservation Now! This seminar will be limited to only 50 people. To register Call

Back by Popular Demand…
The Galant Group Seminars presents…

The Super Health Seminar

An intensive one-day “Total Health Seminar” designed to help you manage your life style and to live disease FREE with unlimited energy Level. You will learn a variety of health tasks, which produce amazing quick and lasting results << Not applicable for this seminar!

 For some very selected few, this seminar will be FREE for 90 minutes. Complete the form below!

Understand the Laws of Nature that Controls Your Health…and Learn techniques to reach an extremely high level of health NOW, including how to:

  • Minimize your risk of disease
  • Eliminate toxins from your body
  • Have abundant energy, all of the time
  • Mind, body connection and relations to your health
  • Easily meet your body’s nutrient needs
  • Learn important facts about a healthy lifestyle
  • Add years to your life, and life to your years
  • Scientific facts why cooked food can destroy your health

Do NOT Attend this Seminar Unless You Want to be Healthy!

Never Be Sick Again!

Introducing a Totally Effective Natural Health System!

And, YOU CAN… Look forward to a future Knowing…

  • That you’ll never be sick again
  • That you’ll never have a “heart attack” or stroke
  • That you’ll never be tormented by cancer or tumors
  • That you’ll never suffer arthritis, backaches, diabetes, ulcer, psoriasis, high blood pressure, overweight or any other debilitating and deadly health challenge
  • That you’ll never suffer even as much as another cold, headaches, upset stomach, cough, sore throat, inflammation or anything else.
  • That you can guide family members, friends or anyone else to easily overcome almost any ailments or problem from which they may suffer! You can have that kind of certainty in your life NOW!
  • That you will slow down the aging process and that you will look and feel younger.

No lotions, potions, powders or pills. Health is a result of Healthy Living.  Learn the principles and behaviors that produce Vibrant Health. The bible says we are “Destroyed for lack of Knowledge”. (Hosea 4:6). THIS CLASSIC ONE-DAY WORKSHOP IS GUARANTEED TO GIVE YOU TOP-NOTCH “NATURAL HEALTH” INFORMATION AND SKILL YOU WILL USE THE VERY NEXT DAY AND FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. The most important thing you must consider is attending this seminar.

At this seminar, you will learn all of the above plus much more…

How does the Galant Group Health Seminar Differ From Other Healing arts?
The question bears the very essence of misconception relating to healing.  There is no such thing as a healing art.  All healing is resident in the living organism.  Nothing other than the healthful conditions that are biologically required are favorable to the healing process.
All “remedies” can only succeed in interfering with healing.  Organisms heal despite the multitude of “therapies” administered.  The treatments used get credit for cure when, in fact, they did not help at all or even slowed down the healing process.
Over 90% of Americans are burdened with one or more chronic ailments, an attest to the so-called “effectiveness” of our “healing arts.”  Our position is that health is normal and natural and will be present if healthful living practices are observed.

Disease and suffering are abnormal, unnatural, and unnecessary.  Disease must be caused and does not happen as a matter of course, chance, or bad luck.  Bacteria, germs, or viruses do not cause disease!  Rather, it is caused by incorrect habits of living and disobeying the Laws of Life.

Our “Total Health Seminar” will be a guide to the elimination of the causes of disease and to healthful Living practices.  These steps return all to the highest possible level of health.

Health does not consist merely of the absence of symptoms or illness. It is a state of positive well-being that is evidenced by a constant state of “euphoria” that is rarely, if ever, experienced by humans today.

We could well divide the people we meet into the following categories.
1) People who are definitely sick.
2) People who are on the borderline of sickness.
3) People who are apparently healthy.
4) People who enjoy “high-level health.”

The first three groups constitute the vast majority of our population.

There is only one way to do things: the right way. In health the right way is nature’s way. “Mother Nature” long since solved the problems of human development. This means that health and wonderful well-being are normal, that is, natural.

The problem with humans is not one with nature but with ourselves. We are incapable of seeing the simplicity of nature and how entirely easy it is to be in great health all the time—uneducated animals in nature’s fields and forest do it naturally. Miseducated humans are worse in this respect than the untutored who do things naturally. “It is better to be ignorant than to know so much that isn’t so.”

The only way is the correct way—nature’s way. That is what “truth in Health”  and the “Total Health Seminar” is all about—a true science of life based squarely upon our anatomical, physiological & biological heritage.

SEMINAR LEADER Dr. Laurence Galant is a Board Certified Medical Clinical Hypnotherapist, Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with a doctored degree in Health and Nutritional Science and a lifetime member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT), The National Association of Certified Hypnotherapist and The National Council for Medical and Clinical Hypnotherapy (NCMCH). He is a dynamic leader whose self-improvement seminars have shown thousands the way to healthy successful lives.  Dr. Galant uses effective non-threatening procedures to help you create as quickly as possible the changes you desire in your life. You will learn techniques that will help you to tap and use the other 95% of your mind. So easy, so safe, so simple its like pushing buttons. Because the healing power of the mind over the body is limitless. “We believe that “Success in anything, is a Strategy anyone can learn.”

Dr Laurence Galant:

I would like to take this opportunity to express the importance of Health as a daily affair and also give you the following statement which comes from one of Dr. Denis Waitly program. He said, and I quote:

“Let me ask you this…

How is your body these days Are you fat and sluggish?
Are you gaunt and nervous?
Do you puff going up a flight of stairs?
What kind of fuel do you put into your magnificent machine, your one and only transportation vehicle?
Is it full of smoke?
Are your brain and liver pickled in alcohol?

Do you fuel it up with high-test meals, or do you use low octane burgers, tacos and empty calories junk food?

Is your body a Ferrari that you tune and twig for the Grand Prix or the Lemans, or is it a clunk parked by the curb to get you from birth to death any old which way?
Well, if you abuse it, you won’t get to use it as long.”

We have all make our share of mistakes during our lifetime. Myself included. 0ften, we have had to pay dearly for them, so now you want to be especially careful when it comes to your life and heath because it’s you who will have to suffer and pay the price for any oversight or mistake you make. It is the you of the future who will suffer or benefit from your present actions.

Many people have not kept their health up to date for whatever reason (or excuse). It is not because this person did not want, he/she simply neglected to learn more about alternative heath, so, that he/she can be in charge and take control of his her heath.

“It’s true, we feel best when we know that we’re in control of our lives.” And not when someone else is controlling our lives or our heath.

If you choose to follow a Health and Nutrition program such ours, it is definitely not a one‑short arrangement. You must follow it for an extended period of time in order to reap its benefits. Some of he results such as improvement in hair and nails, will become apparent in just a few weeks. An increase in vitality and internal health usually takes a bit longer to manifest themselves. Rest assure, all the benefits that accrue to one who follows a program of planned health and nutrition such as ours will be realized in tine. You will see and feel the difference. Take charge of your life and health now! All you need to do is listen to our tape, read this publication and order the products of your choice. It’s that easy. Do It Now! As always “The Choice Is Your.” And choice is the problem and the solution.

Register TODAY! This event is sold out. Make your reservation Now to be put on our waiting list! This seminar will be limited to only 50 people. Complete the form NOW!