Health for the Next Generation

The Collapse of the American
Life and Health.
Is it finally here?


“When a man’s knowledge is not in order, the more of it he has, the greater will be his confusion” ~ Herbert Spencer

 “Confusion worse confounded is the only explanation which can be given to the theory and practice of medicine” ~ Paul Aleixandre Gabirro.


The TRUTH is still out there.

You just need to know WHERE to look and how to use it to live a healthier, happy and even a richer life – even in these crazy times.

 What is the “truth” these days, dear friend?
Apparently it’s not in freedom-of-speech. Not with this Government, not with the pharmaceutical Industry, not with the medical professional, and not in BIG MEDIA, BIG TECH AND MARXIST ELITES WHO MAY CONTROL AMERICA… BUT NOT YOU. NOT EVER.

 In this letter, I will explain how to turn their sinister plans upside down as you become “healthier” and wealthier.And, there’s NOTHING they can do to stop you. Being healthy, wealthy and HAPPY is your very best revenge.

Later in this letter, I will tell you about a quite REFUGE where liberty still lives and freedom of speech is thriving.

Once you learn about this place, I promise you it’s a liberating experience. You will see that the fundamental powers of goodness, faith and liberty are not only alive… they are thriving.

 You will discover that the past year has awakened a sleeping GIANT of pride in our country and concern for our fellow men and women.

The first step, which we will take in these pages right now, is to expose the arrogant elites and so called insiders for the cowards they are.

And then I will explain how to:

  • Become INVULNERABLE and “IMMUNE” to viruses and bacteria. (It’s not a lotion a potion, a powder or a pill. It’s not a drug or a medication, a gadget or a gimmick).
  • Protect your family from any disaster – medical, environmental, political – so they can survive and thrive in chaotic times. Here is an additional brief overview of the information you will learn:
  • The nature and purpose of disease.
  • The immense wisdom and providence of the body.
  • The nutritional bases of life.
  • Human physiology and anatomy and our dietary nature.
  • Harmful practices to avoid.
  • Common illnesses and disease and how a specific way of living can help.
  • The laws of life, unknown (or seems unknown) to conventional medicine.
  • How you can be healthier 10 years from now than you are today.
  • How you can lose those unwanted pounds forever.
  • The PROTEIN MYTH and how it effects on your health.
  • How you can triple your energy quickly and effectively.
  • How you can eliminate stress forever.
  • The body mind connection.
  • Mental medicine and the health care system.
  • Practical applications you can use immediately
  • And much more.

The Medical industry and professionals are not censor to teach it, they don’t want too. There is no profit for them in teaching a healthie way of life. And, also the pharmaceutical industry pays for the curriculum in medical schools. (However, 99% of them don’t even know anything about this method)

Our system is not called natural medicine, the proper name is “Natural Hygiene”/which I termed “Healthology/TruthInHealth”.

 The first thing you need to know is the REAL reason Big Media and Big Tech are pushing so hard to program your brain. It’s because they are terrified of YOU.

They thought you would go away quietly and accept their “victory” narratives. You didn’t.

And now they’re desperately hoping you will throw your hands up and say “I surrender.” But you won’t. Your are NOT powerless, you simply need to be “vaccinated” only against the Evil Triad that want to tear all of us and the country apart, and laugh all the way to the bank.

The hidden troops of Marxist/socialist Elites who want to take your money and assume absolute control over our life. For our own good of course.

They say that Evil can’t survive in the light of day. So here’s a heaping, helping of daylight they’re praying (if they pray at all) you never see.

When it comes to your health… “we tell the “TRUTH” regardless of how much it contradicts popular opinions or established false beliefs!” When you fall on the side of popular opinions, It’s time to pause and reflect!

Since 1984 I have been warning people about a sinister “shadow government that was quietly pulling the strings of government, and seeking to rule our lives. Such as “The Silent Weapon for Quite Wars” report.

Well… they’re still are… they’re just NOT hiding in the shadows anymore. This inner circle of politicians, billionaires, academics, so called “scientists”, anarchists and wall street fat cats called themselves The Club of Rome back then. Four decades ago, the Club of Rome predicted looming economic collapse in its iconic report The Limits to Growth.

The club of Rome was founded in 1968 by an elite group of academics, environmentalists, ex-politicians and businessmen.

They all shared a common belief that the world was going to Hell and that they had to be the invisible catalyst for change.

They believe that mankind was ignorant and self-destructive and had to be “quietly” molded to their vision of the future. They have utter disdain for individual human rights and liberties.

We can’t be trusted to live a productive life… they want to decide how we live. These Global Elites believe they are superior to all of us and should tell us how to live. They actually believe they are wiser, more advanced form of human who knows what’s best for us and Mother Earth.

And they had been planning in the shadows to use a global crises like climate change to impose their will on the economies and people of the entire planet.

Then came COVID-19 so who needs climate change? These Marxist elites have pounced on the fear of billions to impose their will and create a permanent, dependent class of workers bees. Like you and me.

Even better, they don’t need to act in the shadows anymore… they’re out in the open and seizing control of all the levers of power. They are all drunk with power…absolute power.

Even over life and death… as they decide who lives or dies. It’s a pretty shocking picture. But it’s the truth. And you need to understand if you’re going to survive and even thrive in the new world they are trying to impose on us all.

I know it sounds almost hopeless. But trust me, it’s not. Their sinister purpose was easier to impose from the shadows. Now, we can see them for the arrogant fools they are.

And like a skilled karate master, we can turn their own aggression and arrogance against them.

To accomplish this, we have just put the final touches on a special monthly  “Natural Health” course to help YOU take control of your health and your life. Let’s look at them ALL, right now…


  • Improve your health
  • Improve memory
  • Relieves stress
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Optimizes digestion
  • Regulate Blood sugar level
  • Reduce Pain
  • Regulate Cholesterol
  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Alleviate Hypertension
  • And Much More

It is thus no wonder that our course actually sells just by itself: First of all, the information provided in each issue will help you help yourself to be healthier, feel better, and live longer.  More over when read regularly as a common-sense preventive measure, the “Truth in Health” course also saves people an awful lot of money in unnecessary and dangerous organized conventional medical treatments and drug-dependent “cures.”

Soon, This May Be the Only Health Plan You, your family and/or Your Company Can Afford.  We are so confident of the information in our course that we provide a triple guarantee of full-money-back without asking any questions at all.

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I’m looking forward to a journey of challenges growth and adventure. We’ll do things bold, daring and imaginative and go to levels most can only speculate about. Let the journey begin’

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 So what exactly are those opportunities? You’re going to need to sit down for this one.

The right to our own lives, bodies and health is being challenged at this very moment. It is urgent that you learn how to care for yourself so you won’t be a victim of any new “system” of fad to come along.

 “You may find it very enlightening to realize that germs, viruses, and other microorganisms do not cause diseases”. It is an ignorant and dangerous myth that the pharmaceutical companies keep alive to exploit you and your family, your neighbors, your friends, your relatives and everyone on this earth!. And they are NOT about to let the cat out of the bag!

 The industry that stands to lose the most if doctors stop writing millions of prescriptions, spends billions of dollars a year to prevent you from knowing THE “TRUTH”. They spend their billions on…

  • Research grants – which influences what researchers study.
  • TV, radio, newspapers, magazine and medical journal advertising -which influences medical information released to the public.
  • Doctors training – which influences how medical conditions are treated.
  • Medical school grants and scholarships – which influences what students are taught.

It is necessary that you study, understand, and practice the “Truth In Health” way of living. It is an intimidating task in this environment of instant gratification and self-indulgent living. “You will be different”. You will be different because of an inner knowledge that you can live in harmony with the way you are build.

Therefore, you must take responsibility for your own health. You will be rewarded with magnificent health not often found in the modern world. It is important to know without question, and from experience, that poisonous vaccines do not prevent disease and destructive drugs cannot ‘cure” disease. The body alone heals self, and you alone can cause it to do so. “With responsibility comes great powers.”

Is “TruthInHealth/LIFE SCINCE” Really TRUE?

To be called LIFE SCIENCE the body of knowledge we strive to teach must necessarily be true! If it is untrue, then it is not science and does not deserve to se the light of day.

But. lo and behold – we are merely humans as are you and everyone else. We cannot represent that we are infallible. And to be scientific, a body of knowledge must be perfect. It must be infallible. For the TRUTH is NEVER fallible. it always stands regardless of our ability to recognize and foster it.

So realistically, we are striving to bring you LIFE SCIENCE/TRUTH IN HEALTH. You, as an autonomous individual, a sovereign being in your own right, must determine whether or not we are on or short of the mark. If we are off base and you see our errors, we’d appreciate your advice and guidance. If we are correct, TRUTH IN HEALTH/LIFE SCIENCE deserves your office and support so that it can benefit your fellow beings too.

You’re about to learn, in your journey with us. that “nothing is too good to be true.” The truth is absolutely good. Nothing else but truth can be good. Living in accord with truth will create paradise for everyone. Happiness proceeds from being in harmony with truth. All else is illusory.

Because we have been so mislead and miseducated about the simple truth about health and living; because we see everywhere around us widespread suffering from the miseries of disease and ailments’ and because we’ve been lead to believe that America is perhaps the healthiest  nation in the world (after all, we do spend nearly billions a year on physicians, drugs, and hospitals – should not that make it so?); because of these things, the promise of TOTAL WELL-BEING held forth by TRUTH IN HEALTH/LIFE SCIENCE might seem like a lot of malarkey.

Investigate TruthInHealth/LIFE SCIENCE for yourself! Discover for yourself, that indeed, nothing is too good to be true! 


All that is good and wonderful in life is a manifestation of those forces that brought it about. Ascertaining those forces and availing ourselves of them so that we live blissfully and gloriously in TRUTHINHEALTH/LIFE SCIENCE.

Science is not the cold dispassionate pursuit many of us have been led to believe. Rather it is very warm, very personal and very relevant to all that we are involved in.

A superstition is any belief or practice based upon one’s trust in luck or other irrational, unscientific, or supernatural forces. Often, it arises from ignorance, a misunderstanding of science or causality, a belief in fate or magic, or “fear” of that which is unknown.

Beliefs are divises by which we are all self enslave. Beliefs are just that beliefs! Neither thousands of years in time nor billions of believers make them true. Long practices does not transform error into truth. Truth does not require belief.  We do not use the word believe in settiting forth what we know.

Example: For thousands of years’ humans believed that the earth was flat and millions of people continue to live with this belief – false though it was. Neither time nor millions of believers flattened the earth. Truth is not something that is verified by popular vote.

Acknowledged superstitions of today were “science” of yesteryears. And, much of today’s “science” will be found to be superstitious foolishness and madness in the years to come.

However, many superstitions, erroneous and misleading beliefs persist among us today, even among the educated and/or “scientific” communities. The drug superstition and misleading information has been with us for over 2500 years.  The belief in medicinal substances and “cures” is even older.

However, the “truth” exists today that could save the whole human race from the swamp of diseases and suffering.  Even today, the “educated” and the “ignorant” alike reject these truths, clinging steadfastly to the present traditional superstitions.

Instead of being moved to learn and practice the simple ways of health, they proceed as if health is automatic, no matter what we do and that disease is accidental, something that has overwhelmed us unfairly; a bit of unfortunate bad luck.

Our general population does not seem to realize that health is normal and is assured to those who indulge its causes (Healthful Living) and that disease is abnormal and is bound to happen if we indulge its causes. What we are offering you is a health program that you’ve never seen before, it’s an exception, something that doesn’t fit today’s health pattern, it’s something that deviates from what is standard and expected. It’s an anomaly!

If you consider life worth living only insofar as you indulge the perversions and sensuous pursuits so rife in our society, then you should not pursue TRUTHINHEALTH/LIFE SCIENCE further.

Pursue, instead, those enervating practices which you love. Soon you’ll go the route of medicine, physicians, offices, hospitals, surgery, “bouts of this and bouts of the.” Suffer like a man or woman, without complaint and without being a burden to others or to society.

If you want to enjoy life in the highest human sense, if you want to be completely free of ailments and suffering, then you’ll learn to be your own master of your health and insist on being pure of mind and body. In this way you’ll learn and appreciate the keener joys and deeper values of life.

No “medicine” or physician in the world can do what you can do for yourself by giving your body an opportunity to exercise its miraculous restorative powers. there are no curative substances. Neither are there any “healers.”

Your body is self-sufficient and purifies and cleans itself if given the opportunity. Drugs, herbs or “special foods” do not clean. They clog.

The body’s natural processes are impeded. Such “treatments” often make acute diseases worse or contribute to chronic ailments..

Vital functions which force morbid discharges from the body can be inhibited by the drugs. Symptoms may disappear, BUT this merely causes the body to retain more wastes and poisons, including the drug poisons.

By daming up the body with toxic matters the inevitable day of reckoning is merely postponed. And when that day arrives,, it will be in an even more virulent and disabling form.

Every act and practice has either a bad or good effect. Bad habits and indulgences beget disease and suffering. Good habits and practices beget great health and are the basis for happiness and well-being. The choice is yours. What will it be?

The knowledge will be in your hands! All you have to do is follow it. It’s that easy.

The following suggestions may be of assistance to those who wish to maintain a state of good health or help them to bring themselves from a state of impaired health to that of good health.

Never eat more than three meals a day: do not eat nor drink between meals. Use the following rules to guide you in “when you eat, when not to eat, and how to eat:”

Rule No. 1 – Never eat your first meal before 12:00 PM. And only eat raw water rich fresh fruits.
Rule No. 2 – Never eat unless you are absolutely comfortable in mind and body from the previous mealtime.
Rule No. 3 – Thoroughly masticate and insalivate every mouthful of starchy food and give the rest of your food a reasonable amount of chewing.
Rule No. 4 – Never eat without a “keen” relish.

 (c) Copyright 2002 – 2022 NGC.  All right reserved.


$37.00 monthly Subscription plus $100.00 one time Initiation fee (Digital ONLY). Immediate Download!

Monthly Subscription (Hard copy $47.00 plus $100 one-time initiation fee Total $147.00 for the first time. $47 monthly thereafter till Cancel. (You can cancel anytime if you are not satisfied for any reason or no reason at all.)

All of us are obligated to ourselves and to those whose lives we touch to learn and implement a valid health program that agrees with our biological necessities. This health program will make us a model of vibrant, sickness-free health. There is really only one health system that exemplifies the above named health guidelines and others. This we call “Healthology” derived from Natural Hygiene or Life Science. That is the program we promote, endorse, teach and support.

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