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Wake Up

December 4, 2021 Uncategorized 0

WAKE UP AMERICA, Right Now You’re in the
Waking Sleep or “Unconsciously” Awake!

I’ve been disturbed for decades with the direction our great country’s health, which is why I took a deep dive in improving my recent HEALTH COURSE.

AMERICA is not a healthy country. We have to make a game plan as to how we will save the health of Americans.

If you’re with me, please CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!

Every day is a day that will turn somebody’s life around forever. Is TODAY that day for YOU?

This course is a journey guiding you through your mind and body and which will show you how easily and quickly you can change lifelong, self-destructive habits of mind and body.

In all of my 45 years of research and all of my watching and observation of human nature, I would have to say that the most destructive behavior on this earth is easily that of “BLIND OBEDIENCE”.

All the schools taught us, and now teach our kids to do it without questions, and it this is wrong!

“Organize Religion teaches us that we must accept it because that’s the way it is”.

‘Science says “we are experts”; therefore, we are right’. Real science is what works, if it doesn’t work it’s not science.

“Doctors say we have trained and therefore we are right as we are the cleverest among you”…

It’s all BS Think for yourself; “Blind Obedience” is Dangerous.


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