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7 Things to Do Now

7 Easy Things You can Do Now To Rid Yourself
Of Harmful Toxic and Start you Road To Health!

1. Trust Your Body: – the power that constructs a full-grown individual from a fertilized ovum also included the only healing power! The power and intelligence that produces on organism and keeps it alive and functioning is the only power and wisdom capable of governing, maintaining and healing it.

Living organism are fully self-sufficient, self-governing entities. Supplied appropriately with the needs of life, they thrive in perfect health completely free of disease. From conception, all living organisms are endowed with a build-in program for a full, fruitful and joyous life. Living organisms are self-programmed to meet all life’s needs within environments of their adaptation.

All organisms are self-directed, self-constructing, self-defending, self-preserving, self-maintaining, and in the event of injury or illness, self-repairing or self-healing. The only power that can heal is the power that repairs; the only power that can repair is that power that produces; the power that now produces is the power that originally and always produce.

The power that constructs a full-grown individual from a fertilized ovum is the only healing power. Healing is, therefore, a continuous, unceasing and exclusive intrinsic power of every organism. The power and intelligence that produces an organism and keeps it alive and functioning is the only power and wisdom capable of governing, maintaining and healing it.

Mastering and relying upon this great power within will yield a life of bliss and goodness with complete freedom from ailments and suffering.

2. Take Responsibility and Intelligently Assist Your Body: – by removing the following: All Animal products, over eating and drinking, over work, worry, (What worries you, masters you) cooked foods, sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol, Tabasco, drugs, (called medicine) serum injections, impure water, polluted air, dealing with the weather, tension, depression, stress, lack of rest, sex to excess. Etc. STAY AWAY from the victim mentality.

Your body is constantly (a continuum) telling you what it needs. All disease, pain and suffering is caused by negative thought patterns. The beliefs we were taught, that have convinced us that we are separate from Nature, perfection and health, are false ideas that have no power. The only power these beliefs have is the power we give to them. These false beliefs can be dissolved instantly through by understanding that the true you is perfect and healthy. This is true Thinking and thoughts.

The only blocks to our health and healing are negative thought patterns of criticism, anger, resentment, guilt, fear, doubt or worry. These negative thought patterns are not the Truth of who you are. These thought patterns produce enervation (low nerve energy)

You do not need drugs or surgery to heal yourself. Healing is simple, but it takes proper actions. You must identify the negative thought patterns that are blocking your connection to the presence of Nature, truth, health and perfection. Release all these false beliefs. Know and understand that you are perfect and healthy. Be Grateful, give thanks and know that healing is always and already taken place. It is already in you, the power you seek you already have, that is the way you were created. The understanding that you are perfect and healthy is the true power that heals. You have to have it before you have it!

The natural state of this presence of power within you is perfect health. The constant activity of the body is to return to this state of health and perfection. Every cell, organ, tissue and function of your body is working harmoniously together to express this health and perfection of Nature.

3. Eliminate All Fears: – “Fear and Doubt” Allowing FEARS to dominate every part of your life. For examples: Fear of other people, fear of given something a try, fear of economic disaster, fear self, fear of getting sick and/or being sick, fear of dying, etc. etc. etc. Remember, the 80 – 20 natural law says that, FEAR is the perception of most people in this world not confidence.

Fear is behind all failures. Fear paralyzes you and prevents you from success. When fear sets in, your energy levels decreases and you lose your vital power. You must not be afraid weather you live or die. You must focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. Your goal must be positively stated, it must be stated in the present and it must be in the “I am”. (Examples: “I am Healthy and strong,” “I am successful,” “I am thin and I love my body”, etc.)

4. Eat the Right Foods & Nourish Your Body:– From the inside out with your Physiological and biological correct diet. You also must eliminate junk food, cigarette smoke, coffee, medications, pollution and more, so you don’t add more toxins. Stick to a low-fermenting diet that’s low in processed sugar; low amounts of fat that gunk-up your system and slow it down, more essential fatty-acids that regulate the body daily. The food that humans are best suited is raw water rich food. A raw diet of fresh organic fruits and vegetable is a must, especially if you have symptoms of illness now. Nourish your Bodies with Plenty Of Live Foods. You are what you eat! Make sure your body gets the raw material it needs to build a better you.
Water – If you do no0t eat a water rich diet, drink plenty of pure water (distilled water by steam). (More on this later in our monthly health educational program)
Fresh Fruit – Fresh fruit, fruit juices, small amounts dried fruit
Fresh Vegetables – Put on salads or sandwiches. Use sprouts and sea vegetables. Buy organic as often as possible. Nuts & Seeds – Raw sunflower, flax, pumpkin: natural nut-butters (almond, cashew, etc.,



6. Get Daily Exercise:to keep all systems working synergistically and moving properly, working lymph flow, so skin release dead cells and stay fresh looking, and keeps breath from going sour. Briskly walking or running for 3-4 miles per hour conditions your heart and lungs and raises your body’s ability to use oxygen more efficiently, and much more. Keep yourself Fit, Strong and Flexible. Regular weight-bearing exercise and flexibility training are vital to being healthy and preventing disease. You don’t have to look like you have a muscle-bound body. However, maintaining good muscle tone and flexibility helps enhance your body’s well-being, prevent arthritis and osteoporosis and a host of other ailments.



7. Rest and Sleep: You must get the proper rest, all healing occurs when you rest. You must schedule time for rest and recreation giving your body an opportunity to restore itself must be a priority if you want to be healthy. This includes proper sleeping posture, having regular sleep times, meditation and relaxation techniques. And lots of fun! Overdoing anything can and usually does lead to burn out, which makes you less productive. Remember, this life is not a dress rehearsal, if you are enjoying what you do and could not imagine doing anything else just keep doing what you are doing. If not, take time out to enjoy life. From what I understand, no one ever said on his or her deathbed “I should have spent more time in the office and less time playing and having fun.”


All success is first created in your mind, if you do not have the correct mind set you will never succeed!







None of the above will be accomplished if you do not take action. Action is the only thing that will change peoples life. Make a choice to take action, and remember that choice is the problem and the solution. Take ACTION NOW! “If you want things in your life to change, you have to change things in your life”.

When You Do All of The Above Steps You Will Have:



> *Constipation

> *Sluggish bowls

> *Flatulence (Gas)

> *Bloating

> *Irregular Bowel Movements

> *Abdominal discomfort

> *Feeling Nauseous

> *Lack of appetite

> *Acid reflux

According to research over 100 million Americans suffer from gut related problems including the above. If you are one of them and you are reading this information could be the end of all your indigestion problems

Almost all doctors will tell you that you need to add some kind of “Probiotic Supplement to your diet. However, this is simply not true.

So, how do you maintain both your digestive system and your “Defensive System” (know by almost all as the “Immune System”)

2 Simple Steps to Balance Your Digestion and Your Health!

Step #1: Avoid all processed foods and sugar out of your diet. The most important thing you can do to balance the beneficial bacteria in your gut is to avoid all processed foods, junk foods, and sugar. Which provides bad bacteria to thrive.

Step #2 EXERCISE MORE WHICH HELPS TO DECREASE YOUR STRESS LEVEL. The brain and the GI tract are intimately connected, so when you reduce stress you help heal you distressed gut. And I’m sure you know that it’s important to get regular exercise if you want to keep everything moving smoothly including your digestive tract. Follow the Triangle and chart below:

Minimum 70% Raw Fruits
20% Raw nuts and vegetable
10% or less Cooked plant based foods


Health care costs are out of control and Health Care Plans are more and more complicated and confusing and they do not make you any healthier. You must do something else to get HEALTHIER!

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